Une collection de mariage unique inspiré par nos clients et amener à une réalité par des super prestataires et des lieux magnifiques.

Se Marier en France

Over a year ago; whilst living and working in London, we decided to get married in the South of France. This is where Sarah grew up and it was a dream of hers to get married amongst the vineyards and lavender fields of Provence – little did we know the complications of actually getting married in France.

Choisir le bon Endroit et Questions à Poser

When we decided to get married in the South of France, we had to select the venue over a weekend trip since we were still living in London at the time. This involved a lot of online research followed by military efficiency on the venue visits and well prepared arsenal of questions. Making such a huge decision can be difficult and stressful, we have therefore prepared a brief guide to the things to look out for and the questions that you need to ask.



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