H aving just been bridesmaid for one of my best friends has inspired me to write this new blog about wedding photos and the benefits of good planning when it comes to gathering your nearest and dearest. Planning the specific photos that you want is one of the more difficult things to plan; there is a definite struggle between getting the photos you want and not wanting to drag people away from the other guests and delicious cocktails and canapes. With this is mind my number one recommendation is to plan the specific photos you want and with which guests, prepare a list and then ask the Best Man or Maid of Honour to kindly round up the guests/models. Best men and Maids of Honour are usually the best people for this for two reasons, firstly they are generally trustworthy and secondly they are more likely to know both sides of your family and friends than the other members of the wedding party.

Wedding photos on the day can often feel like a bit of drag. You want to be out mingling with your loved ones after the high of just getting married; but trust me, your wedding day flies by so quickly and these photos will be the easiest way of remembering these happy times. Writing a list of the photos you want will not only ensure that you get the right photos but also will improve the efficiency and ensure you can hit the champers sooner than otherwise.

The primary thing you need to decide upon is – what kind of photographs you want. Some people prepare more formal pictures posed in front of various beautiful aspects of the venue whereas some prefer more casual and natural pictures – which still require just as much organisation and posing.

Bridesmaids champagne photo

Even though you may like more natural pictures (i.e. Photographer taking pictures of everyone going about their own things), make sure that you have a couple formal pictures as you will find that you may have loads of pictures with different groups but maybe not the entire bridal party or the whole family for example.

Here is a list of essential wedding photos:

– Bridal party getting ready

– The first bridal look

– The confetti shot

– Bridal party shot

– Family pictures (various including one of both families together – you are ‘one’ now!!)

– Bouquet throwing

– The wedding party

– A few photos of you as a couple (it’s also a great opportunity to have some alone time)

Once you have decided upon the list of photos that you want, it is a good idea to discuss these with your photographer as they will be able to give you the approximate time they need for the photos you have requested. Additionally, this is a good idea as they will know the kind of photos you are looking for and may be able to provide helpful reminders if you or your wedding party forget one.

Speak to your photographer too as they may have some great ideas for photos. Also if they have never been to the church, venue etc see if they can visit the church, venue beforehand so that they can get a good idea of photo locations and ideas, it is important to remember that they are the professionals and will know better than anyone which landscapes/buildings will work best with the lighting.

At my friend’s wedding this weekend we were lucky, she was incredibly well prepared and it was my task to round up the guests for photos. This can often be like ‘herding cats’ but it all worked out well (despite overrunning slightly – always to be expected). I cannot wait to see the photos.

Candle Light Bride Wedding Photos


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