I have recently changed by surname from Field to Edwards and the process was far more complicated that I ever anticipated it being.

The first logical step was changing the name on the passport. This can only be done by applying for a new passport (thankfully mine was coming up for renewal at about the same time). You need to provide evidence of your marriage i.e. a marriage certificate with a certified translated version if not in English (unfortunately the passport office does not spell this out and resulted in two early morning visits to the passport office). Obtaining a translated version was fairly simple and was done within 24 hours by Lingvo House Translation, however, it was fairly pricey with the rushed service costing just under £100!

As soon as I had changed my passport I realised I had made a number of future flight bookings under my maiden name – our honeymoon being one, oops. Luckily I was able to change these for free however you should be careful to time your passport change carefully as some airlines do not allow name changes for free. To action the name changes the airlines needed a copy of my marriage certificate and my new passport.

Clearly Facebook was seeing how frustrated I was getting with the number of documents I was sending left right and centre. I had never heard of this but there are companies that specialise in name changes and do the administrative work for you. Through their technological wizardry they were recommending that I consult specialist companies that assist with this tedious task.


Once you have changed your name it is vitally important that you notify various different companies and bodies of the name change. Below is a rather long list of all the different companies or government agencies that you need to notify:

  • Employer
  • HMRC (Revenue and Customs) for tax and NI records (obtain your reference and tax office address from your employer)
  • Bank
  • Credit card companies Finance/loan companies
  • Local Authority (Council tax and register of electors)
  • HM Land Registry (if you own land or property)
  • Pension providers
  • DVLA (apply for a new drivers license)
  • Utility services (ie. Gas, electricity, water and sewerage providers, phone, TV)

Most of them ask for a copy of your new passport and marriage certificate. You can find details of how to change your name on most of their websites or by typing in the name of company and name change.

I am still only 50% through the list on changing my name but so far the only name change that may have caused issue was with the flight bookings. I will drag the process out for the rest – maybe I am a little bit nostalgic about no longer being called a Field.


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