Rose Gold are wedding planners based in London but working all over the UK and France to plan and co-ordinate high quality bespoke weddings. We specialise in planning weddings in the south of France.

Planning a wedding is often the childhood dream of many brides and grooms. It is an opportunity to celebrate your love and relationship with your nearest and dearest, friends and families. It is also the opportunity to throw a lavish party that will probably be unrivalled in your lifetime for both excitement and importance. Above all it is the opportunity for you to publicly declare your love for one another and signals the transition to another stage in your relationship and lives together.

Few events, if any, carry this level of forethought and meaning to both the individuals involved and you together as a couple, let alone the families and other loved ones who are so happy during these occasions; for all these reasons it can be stressful time. The sheer volume of planning and co-ordination can often negate some of the enjoyment. We do not believe that this is a necessary consequence of wedding planning and feel that by providing the right help and support we can further enhance this wonderful occasion and assist you in enjoying your wedding day to the fullest.

At Rose Gold we seek to work with you to tailor the correct level of involvement you require to ensure that your wedding day meets and exceeds your dreams and expectations. We believe that our job is to help bring your dreams and visions of your wedding day to life! With this in mind we believe that the most important aspect of our job is to listen, our job is to bring your dream wedding to life and make it a reality.

If you have any questions about our services or our planning process please view our FAQs.


Growing up on the beautiful French Riviera; Sarah learnt both French and English from a young age. Sarah is very detail orientated and knows how important it is for every married couple to have exactly the wedding day they desire. With a strong organisational skills; honed from working in project management in the banking world (across Europe, North America and Asia), and a passion for achieving the very best for her clients, she has now found her perfect career and cannot wait to help make your wedding the most memorable day.


Having previously worked within Wealth Management; John understands the importance of trust in any working relationship, especially for something as important as planning the perfect wedding. John relishes the collaborative relationship required to bring a wedding to life and loves the idea of helping to bring a clients vision to reality. Having moved to Monaco in 2015, John has been learning French and was thrown in at the deep end very early when dealing with solely French speaking vendors – c’est la vie!



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